The school has hired a fleet of buses to carry students to and from the school under escort. Parents are requested to ascertain the bus schedule before admission as the routes and stops are limited. In case the bus has to be discontinued, one month’s prior notice must be submitted. Students availing the bus facility will not be allowed to discontinue it in the last quarter. The students should be t the bus stop ten minutes before the scheduled time in the morning and abroad the bus latest by 1.50 p.m. after the school gets over. The parents of children using the bus facility are expected to do bus duty as bus monitors by rotation.

Parents are advised to note the following:

»    Be very careful in selecting transport contractor, driver and conductor of the van/bus. Please verify the antecedents and credentials of the transporter, driver and especially the conductor.
»    Inform the school authority about the transporter and the transport.
»    Instruct the conductor to be very strict and alert about the child’s presence in the bus.
»    If you happen to take child, from the school after half day on your own, or bring the child late to school on your own, your bus conductor must be informed about this in advance.

 Bus Routes

»     Route 1                                             »    Route 13
»     Route 2                                             »    Route 14
»     Route 3                                             »    Route 15
»     Route 4                                             »    Route 16
»     Route 5                                             »    Route 17
»     Route 6                                             »    Route 18
»     Route 7                                             »    Route 19
»     Route 8                                             »    Route 20
»     Route 9                                             »    Route 21
»     Route 10                                           »    Route 22
»     Route 11                                            »    Route 23
»     Route 12